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Dwelling Information
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Does your landlord, condo/homeowner's association, or local municipality have any pet restrictions such as weight limit or number of pets? *

Note: If you live in a condo, the Association contact information is required. We must contact your association to verify that you are allowed to have pets.

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Note: If you rent, the landlord contact information is required. We must contact your landlord to verify that you are allowed to have pets.

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How will the dog be exercised, how often, and who will supervise the dog while outdoors? Please descibe:*
Please confirm that you have checked for any restrictions and describe them if any apply. If there are no restrictions, please enter "NONE".
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What five words best describe your family?:*
Please describe any changes you expect in your household in the next few years; e.g. new children, job changes, moving, etc.:*
How soon will you be ready to adopt a pet? (Please check applicable):*
Are any family members home during the day time? (Please check applicable):*
Are you involved in any pet store, commercial dog breeding operation, or buying dogs for resale?:*
Have you ever been convicted of cruelty to animals?:*
Have you applied to adopt with any other Rescue Organizations?:*
If yes, which ones?:
Pets (Current and Past)
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Have you ever owned a pet?:*
Do you currently own any dogs?:*
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Have you ever given a pet to a rescue organization or animal shelter?:*
If yes, please describe the circumstances:
Have you ever had a dog that has bitten someone?:*
If yes, please explain the circumstances:
Do all of your current pets get along well with other animals?:*
If no, please explain:
Do all of your pets receive regular veterinary care (including heartworm testing and heartworm preventative) and are they up-to-date on vaccinations?:*
What heartworm preventative do you use?:*
If you have adopted from a rescue before, please provide details:
Veterinarian Information
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Veterinarian's City, State, Zip Code:*
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Pet Care Philosophy
Can all household members travel to the rescue group to meet the prospective adoptee?:(1)*
Are you willing to work with the rescued pet to resolve problem behaiors? (e.g. chewing, pulling on lead, barking):*
What type of behavior in a dog would make you not want to adopt him or her?:*
How will you correct behavior problems?:*
Do you understand that rescued pets may have house-training problems, especially at first while adjusting?:*
Please describe what you know about common health problems with the breed you are trying to adopt:*
How much to you expect to pay per year to take care of your new pet?:*
Who will take care of your pet during vacations or overnight trips?:*
Can someone in the household provide daily care when the primary caregiver is away?:*
Do you have an emergency plan to provide care for your pets if you have to leave town suddenly?:*
If yes, please describe:
What do you feel is the proper use of crates or cages?:*
Can all household members travel to the rescue group to meet the prospective adoptee?:*
Are you willing to take responsibility for the pet for its lifetime?:*
Do you agree to have a rescue volunteer inspect your home before and/or after an adoption is completed?:*
All pets adopted from us will be spayed/neutered before placement including puppies. Do you have any questions or reservations about this policy?:*
If yes, please explain:
Puppies under the age of four months require a series of three to four vaccines before being considered fully immunized. Adult pets will require yearly booster vaccines. Are you prepared to provide this needed care for an adopted puppy? *
Often times, pets coming from a shelter environment will require continued medical care to treat and/or prevent intestinal parasites. Are you prepared to provide this needed care for an adopted pet? *
Dogs who are from shelters have a higher risk of exposure to illness due to the amount of animals they are potentially exposed to. Rescue Warriors Corp. makes every effort possible to ensure the health and well being of it’s adoptable pets. Once in a while, despite best efforts, a pet will become ill post adoption. Pet insurance is provided that typically helps to cover the cost of minor health issues. Adopters are responsible for the deductible and signing up for this insurance offer after adoption. As a non-profit organization, any bills you incur at your private veterinary clinic will not be repaid. Do you understand the health and treatment policies of Rescue Warriors Corp.?*
Additional Comments
I understand that the adoption fee is non-refundable:*
I understand that Illinois Rescue Warriors Corp has the right to refuse any placement with a potential adoptive home:*
I understand that dogs placed by the Rescue Warriors Corp have been acquired, fed and boarded by RWC volunteers; have received medical care and vaccinations; and have tested to be free of heartworms and contagious disease at the expense of RWC who receives financial reimbursement for expenses only through donations. I understand that I may be asked to give a donation to RWC to help with the spaying/neutering and veterinary care of current and/or future rescued dogs/cats:*