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Have you ever fostered an animal before?:*
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Foster and Care Information
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Why or why not able to foster:
Are you willing to foster a dog until a permanent home can be found:*
If not, are you able to foster temporarily until transportation can be found:
Maximum time frame you are willing to temporarily foster for (temporary placement is usually no more than 7 days):*
Is everyone in your home agreeable to fostering an animal:*
If not, who and why:
Will the dog be left alone during the day:*
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Specifically, what will be the dog's living situation? (examples: run of house, or a restricted area):*
Are you or is anyone in your home allergic to animals?:*
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Current and Previous Pets
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Are pets on heartworm preventative:*
Heartworm preventative brand:
If not on heartworm preventative, please explain:
Approximate date of last Veterinarian visit for each pet:*
Have any of your pets shown aggressiveness or bitten a person:*
If yes, please explain the circumstances of the aggression toward a person:
Have any of your current pets shown aggressiveness or bitten a pet:*
If yes, please explain the circumstances of the aggressiveness towards a pet:
List all pets you've owned in the last 10 years, not mentioned above, and their present status:*
Have you ever taken a dog to a professional trainer or behaviorist:*
If so, how did this behaviorist/trainer work out for you/pet:

We will provide you with an evaluation of the foster's temperament based on the information provided to us by the surrendering owner or information provided by the shelter where the animal came from.

Will you be willing to work with us to correct any possible behavior problems:*
Do you understand that often times the complete history of a rescue may not be known:*
Veterinarian Name:*
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Read the following carefully

I declare that the information I have provided in this volunteer application is complete and correct. I understand that any false information I have provided will invalidate this and any future applications. I declare that I am 21 years of age or more, am not a member of another rescue group and have the support and agreement from all members in my household to foster dogs for rehabilitation and placement. I am financially and physically able to care for a rescue dog and agree to provide proper documentation for reimbursement of preapproved foster dog expenses. I understand that the medical, housetraining and behavioral history of rescue dogs may not be known and my foster role requires commitment and patience to rehabilitate each dog prior to placement. If approved, I further understand that I must successfully place my first foster dog before I receive another foster dog and that I will not be permitted to adopt my first foster dog or any other RWC foster dog until I have served 12 months as a member. I understand the first six months of my membership will be probationary and my membership may be dissolved immediately without cause if the Board of Directors deems my intentions or actions to be in conflict with the mission and vision of Rescue Warriors Corp.

I grant permission for Home Checks both prior to membership and during fostering. I agree that if a Home Check reveals falsification or misrepresentation of any facts on my part, the Facilitator or representative reserves the right to decline or nullify any volunteer agreement between us and reclaim foster dogs from my premises.

I stipulate that I am applying herein to become a volunteer for Rescue Warriors Corp and I will maintain automotive, homeowners and health insurance coverage. I will NOT hold  Rescue Warriors Corp or its representatives, its officers, members, volunteers, associates, or other foster care providers harmless for any liabilities, whether damages are physical, emotional, or property, that are a direct or indirect result of activities associated with placement, transport, grooming, training, or evaluating of any foster dog in any way associated with Rescue Warriors Corp, including any and all activities I perform as a volunteer for Rescue Warriors Corp.